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The A3 series consists of modular sofas and chairs with high and low backs as well as a pouf and a table.

A3 is an extremely flexible, module-based sofa series that provides the opportunity for countless combination possibilities. 

The series is perfect for office and commercial furnishings, where 'room-inside-room' solutions are desired. The high-backed models enable users to sit undisturbed and work or hold meetings with colleagues, customers and so on. When you sit on the sofa the sound is muted, thereby helping to create a private space.


The A3 series has a simple, elegant and inviting expression. There is sharp focus on functionality, quality and comfort.

To the A3 series there is created a special sidetable, which is ideal for use in combination with the A3 sofa series. It can be brought over to the sofa when you have to sit and work at your computer or simply need a place to put your cup of coffee when taking a break.


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